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At an early age and throughout my career, my passion has been expressing oneself in the form of art.

I was born in Michigan and was involved in over forty-five professionally paid modeling and acting jobs between there and LA. Currently, residing in sunny Arizona, but clients contract me to travel nationwide.

My new passion is photography! I have been fortunate enough to do photography work for multiple Holiday Inn’s and Hotels, Celebrity Hairstylist Amy Freudenberg and the writer Elle O’ Shea.

I’m reliable, professional, creative, kind, excellent with people, attentive to detail, honest, intelligent, hard working, helpful, good at what I do and extremely flexible.

My Bachelors is in Communication from Oakland University emphasizing my love of communication. When we collaborate on a project I pay extreme attention to detail, take direction well, and am always looking to place your product in the best light.

My 26 photos I uploaded of Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Kirksville, Missouri received over 23,730 views on Google in just 80 days as confirmed by Google Analytics.

I understand business, advertising, and the importance of social media and am looking to give you maximum return on your investment.

Great photography yields an excellent return on investment.

Nothing tells your story like great pictures. I, with my pictures, can tell your story to the World better than anyone else.

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