I was over budget on the new Hotel I just completed. We took pictures with a phone and a camera. I thought it would be fine. I did not want to spend any more money and felt all pictures were the same. I received a suggestion to get professional photos.

After talking to Rebecka I realized not all pictures and photographers are the same. She made a point that a Hotel is a huge investment and that the right pictures can make a huge difference in my return on investment. I decided to have her take photos of the Hotel.

The photos were much better than I expected. Frankly they were amazing. She used photos to tell the story of my Hotel the way only pictures could. She made my hotel stand out. After the photos went live, the hotel ramp up happened very quickly.

Soon after I had her take photos of other properties, she was the best photographer I have worked with. She knew and researched the brand standards, she listened, cared about my opinions, took good notes, and took the time needed to get amazing photos.

She definitely helped my hotels to stand out. I would recommend her to anyone. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Paul Williams
Managing Partner
Premier Hotel Properties

Rebecka is a creative imaginative designer, able to visualize a project from start to finish and puts in the hard work to make it happen. She is outgoing and personable with a warm and welcoming smile.
Rebecka is open to new ideas and always a team player. She takes direction well while not afraid to let ideas be known.

Amy Freudenberg
Celebrity Hairstylist

I needed photos for my author website. I loved Rebecka's landscape photos and knew she was good with natural lighting. I asked her to do some portrait shots out in the Sonora Mountain Preserve. I showed her a few photos of the look I was going for and she executed my vision perfectly. We got so many amazing photos within an hour! 

Elle O'Shea